Recreational vehicles are used for fun and travel, but the recession is changing things. The economy is forcing some people out of their neighborhoods and into RVs, according to KTVN-TV, Reno, Nev. 

“Thankfully we had this and it was paid for,” says Gene Stewart of his new home, an RV.

Stewart used to do home construction in California, but when people stopped building, his business folded. Soon, the house was gone and much of his other stuff. 

Stewart used to make $140,000 a year; now he’s making about $16 an hour — and lives in an RV park.

“I have a job,” Stewart says. “I just started last Friday.”

Stewart, his wife and granddaughter have lived at Camp-N-Town RV Park in Carson City since November.

“There are a lot of folks here that are in a similar boat as us,” Stewart says.

An older pick-up replaced the new truck Stewart had until it was recently repossessed. 

One day on a new job gives him hope for the future. But, there’s no telling how long Camp-N-Town will be the place to call home. 

“A lot of them have to live in them because there’s no other way they can afford to live,” says Ivan Lipere.

Things are changing at Camp-N-Town RV Park as people are experiencing changes of their own. 

“We used to have a lot of people travel overnight.”

In the 31 years Lipere’s owned the park, he’s seen plenty of things come and go. But, year-round residents aren’t anything he’s encountered before. 

“Never. This has happened in the last say, 10 years,” says Lipere. But, in the last two years it’s gotten worse.”

For the last three years Nicole Grampp and her husband have called Camp-N-Town home. 

“We were looking into buying a home and we decided to live moderately,” says Grampp. “And be able to save up enough money so that we could have a substantial down payment to get some property.”

The economy started to sour and things changed. Her parents helped the couple buy an RV and Grampp couldn’t be happier. 

“We own it, so we don’t have to worry about getting kicked out of it or something. There’s no payments, we just pay our space rent,” Grampp explains.

Monthly rent at Camp-N-Town starts at $275 — an economical choice when money isn’t flooding in. 

Grampp adds, “Now we kind of have neighbors that are staying.”

Lipere says his park is nearly three quarters full, practically unheard of for winter and spring months.