The RV business and other recreation products industries need to make the public aware that recreation provides important health benefits, said Derrick Crandalll, president of the American Recreation Coalition (ARC) and a speaker at the recent Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) annual meeting.

“The environmentalist community can always prove adverse impacts to human activity,” Crandall told the gathering. “What we’ve got to do is bring the positives of recreation into the decision-making process so that the benefits of recreation are scored equally” in Washington.

One of the positives is the health benefits provided by physical activity related to the use of recreational products, Crandall said. “Recreation is more than just fun. We need to highlight that recreation is the way the American public wants to get their physical activity.”

The industry should try to convince the heads of the National Parks and National Forest services, which own one-third of the country’s acreage, that they are responsible for “the nation’s health and fitness center,” Crandall said.