RECVEX, the Recreational Vehicle Exchange, announced that the organization has met its final milestone in early development, and has officially started the launch phase.

According to a press release, once the business-to-business platform is live, RV dealers and lenders will have access to an exclusive wholesale inventory marketplace allowing them to buy and sell distressed inventory and non-performing assets. Listing is free and a unique private online bidding system has been created to find the true market value of listed products.

Developed for two years by experts in the RV industry and web developers with auction and transport experience, the RECVEX network connects national dealers, lenders and manufacturers. The platform is primarily built as an inventory tool allowing RV dealers, banks, and credit unions to move inventory such as repossessions, excess floorplans, OEM buy-backs and trade-ins. Once the account is verified, and credentials are granted, users can access the marketplace from anywhere in the United States, at any time.

Units will be listed for periods of three, five or seven days instead of several live minutes while sellers will incur no selling fees or transportation costs, the release stated. 

For more information visit www.recvex.com.