The Recreational Dealers Exchange Co. (REDEX) has entered into a three-year contract with Titan Certified to provide testing and certification on all pre-owned recreational vehicles sold by the company’s network of dealerships.
Arlington, Texas-based REDEX said the certification process will include over 100 tests and cover the internal condition of every engine, transmission, out-drive and generator while meeting or exceeding all OEM/ASTM manufacturers’ specifications.
“RV mechanics don’t have X-ray vision,” said Jim Harris, president of Titan International, Henderson, Nev. “There’s not a mechanic in the world regardless of their level of experience or time on the job that can see inside a used engine or transmission to tell you of its condition. Titan’s scientific lab testing technology can give them X-ray vision.”
REDEX anticipates the partnership will improve overall customer satisfaction and increase repeat and referral business.
Ron Baca, REDEX vice president, noted, “If you were a customer, would you buy an RV that is certified and guaranteed or would you spend thousands of dollars on a pre-owned RV that has not been tested and sold ‘as is.’ It’s a no-brainer for our customers.”