In a move designed to internalize upper management, the Recreation Dealers Cooperative Association, or REDEX, today (March 11) announced the naming of John Mancinelli to executive director, replacing Ron Wheeler.

Wheeler, who had headed REDEX for over 10 years, is also president of Wheeler Advertising, based in Arlington, Texas. Paul Skogebo, REDEX founder and chairman, told RVBusiness that Mancinelli’s promotion was a natural progression for the national buying cooperative which became member-owned in January 2008.

“Ron’s contract was up at the end of February,” said Skogebo, owner of Robert Crist & Co. RV, Mesa, Ariz. “He was in charge of an agency and had other accounts. We decided to place one of our own people in the position.

“It was a very amicable parting,” he added. “There wasn’t any animosity. Ron and John have worked closely together and there will be a seamless transition to the industry and our dealer-owned organization.”

“It was not an easy decision to make,” said Wheeler in a press release. “It just felt like it was best for everyone. John and I have worked very hard in the last 17 months to get REDEX in a great position. This gives me time to focus more on our core business.”

REDEX hired Mancinelli in November 2007 to direct REDEX’s day-to-day operations and oversee the development of new programs and memberships. As part of the move, REDEX will be moving its home offices to Bowling Green, Ky., while also hiring Hardee McAlhaney, a former independent contractor for Wheeler Advertising, as financial consultant,

REDEX is a buying cooperative with 52 members, representing more than 100 dealership locations.