Regency RV, builders of luxury Class B and B-plus motorhomes, announced that it has developed a dealer education portal on its website.

According to a press release, the portal is designed to educate Regency dealers on the manufacturing processes, features and benefits of its Ultra Brougham and National Traveler brands built in Fort Worth, Texas.

The portal contains an array of images, videos, and product comparisons with other brands along with Regency RV sales certification tests to measure the product knowledge of dealers’ sales associates.

Don Emahiser, national sales manager for Regency RV, explained how this initiative benefits both the dealer and consumer.

“We believe knowledge is power and the better we can educate our dealer partners the more powerful and confident they will be in their sales presentations of Regency products,” he said. “Not everyone can be in attendance during visits and having a tool available 24/7 is a modern and convenient way to share our unique story with our dealers.”

Wayne Davis, the founder and CEO of Regency RV, noted, “This new dealer education portal is designed to provide our dealers and their sales team with a distinct sales advantage on the lot. We are looking forward to continuing to increase our turns on dealers’ lots and this is another tool that will help us achieve that goal.”