Renegade Custom Coaches and Trailers, a manufacturer of race-car haulers and other vehicles built for motorsports enthusiasts, is adding 30,000 square feet of manufacturing space to its Bristol, Ind., manufacturing plant, according to the South Bend Tribune in Indiana.
The expansion will help the company meet a bulging order backlog that is forcing customers to wait months, according to Chuck McKibbin, owner and president of the company.
“We’re running at capacity now, and our production schedule keeps going further and further,” McKibbin told the Tribune.
The manufacturer’s existing 60,000-square-foot plant is cramped to the point where employees step over one another, McKibbin said.
“We will spread things out and add more work stations,” he said.
McKibbin added that he would make use the expansion to reconfigure the manufacturing floor into a more efficient layout.
“Our refrigerators are 40 to 50 feet away from where they go (in the motorhomes) right now,” he said. “We have furniture stacked on a mezzanine. We’re out of room.”
Renegade, which had nine employees when it was started with in 1997, now boasts 75 workers, and McKibbin plans to add more personnel when the expansion is completed in September or early October.
He attributed much of the demand for his products to the growing popularity of toy hauler-type RVs.
“It used to be a niche market. Now it’s more of a segment,” McKibbin said. “The timing is right. Racing is huge and it’s growing.”
The company has sold vehicles to such drivers as Paul Newman and Tony Stewart.