Bristol, Ind.-based Kibbi LLC, makers of Renegade trailers and custom coaches, has launched a new line of Class C Villagio motorhomes that has earned “Certified Green Silver” status from TRA Certification.

According to a press release, Renegade has several units currently in production and the motorhome line will become available to dealers early this summer.

The Villagio was examined by TRA Certification in several categories including resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, indoor air quality and operation and maintenance, and offers many eco-friendly features.

TRA reported that very little wood is used in the construction of these units while any 2-by-2’s used are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The Villagio also includes interior and exterior LED lighting as well as significant air sealing. Low-flow fixtures increase water conservation, which means fewer fillups along the way.

Indoor air quality is addressed as the hard flooring, leather upholstery and interior walls are either GreenGuard certified or non-emiting. There is also very little carpeting, which also improves indoor air quality as contaminants cannot be trapped within the fibers beneath, while the bedding contains zero VOCs.

For more information on Renegade RVs visit www.renegaderv.com. For more information on green certification, visit www.certifiedgreenrvs.com or contact Mandy Leazenby at 1-800-398-9282.