In Mint Hill, N.C., there is a small family-owned business enterprise that offers great fun on wheels to everyone who loves to play video and virtual reality games, according to a report by The Mint Hill Times.

Affiliated with Thomas RV Rentals, the Gaming Control Center is busy delivering family fun to kids of all ages ranging from 6 to 96. The RV has been converted into a climate-controlled fun machine equipped with all the latest consoles and games, including virtual reality technology in the market.

The RV can come directly to a home, a special event, a party, or many other multiple affairs to entertain quests. There is no setting-up or cleaning-up for the renter, the Gaming Center Coaches will do all the work, conduct and perform the parties activities, keeping guests happily entertained, so the hosts can concentrate on pulling off a very successful party or event that will be talked about by those fortunate enough to enjoy the experience.

Business owner Kathryn Rohera first came up with the idea of converting one of the company’s RV rentals into a Gaming Center. She had a party for her children and rented a gaming activity truck from a competitor, the kids had a great time, reduced her stress to keep kids entertained and had no clean-up after the party. “It took the set-up, clean-up and stress off of myself while we enjoyed the time with the kids who thoroughly had fun,” she said.

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