Lodging and travel. Those are two expenses you know you’re going to have when you travel across three states to attend a football game.

But, according to a report in the Idaho Press-Tribune, Rick Bell and his family — along with at least six other groups of Broncos fans — found a way to roll them into a single package.

Bell rented a 40-foot class A recreational vehicle from Nampa-based Rent For Fun to get his crew — five adults and three teenagers — to the Fiesta Bowl. It’s like a hotel room on wheels, and at a few hundred dollars per day, it’s in the same price range.

“You have to pay for your mileage on top of that, but when you break it down, it’s been a fun way to travel,” he said. “It’s got satellite that allows you to watch TV while you’re traveling, so as far as watching football games, it’s awesome, because we’ve been able to watch them while we’re on the road.”

It was the first time Bell rented an RV, he said, but he’s already planning to rent one again for a trip to the Oregon coast. There was a bit of a learning curve the first time he got behind the wheel, he said, but the staff at Rent For Fun helped get him up to speed quickly.

Chris Schoppe, who owns Rent For Fun along with his wife Jewel Schoppe, said it doesn’t take long for most to get the hang of it, even if they’ve never driven a vehicle so large. Some RVs have a few additional controls, such as air brakes and engine breaks, but otherwise it’s not much different than driving any other vehicle.

For those less up to the challenge of piloting a 40-footer hundreds of miles across the fruited plains, Rent For Fun offers two smaller options: the smaller class B, typically about 25 feet long and have the front end of a passenger van, and class C, a medium-sized option with the cab of a larger commercial van or truck.

Prices range from about $135 to $400 per night, depending on the RVs class and the time of the year. Demand is higher during warmer months, Schoppe said, and that drives prices up a bit.

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