The Indiana inspector general Monday (August 1) said Gov. Mitch Daniels did not violate state ethics law when he attended a private fundraiser last month in his state vehicle, RV1, according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette.
“Our investigation shows that the RV was not i When I Text My Ex Gf What Should I Say n any way connected with a partisan event, other than as means of transport for the governor to get to the location,” the report said.
Dan Parker, chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, filed a complaint with Inspector General David Thomas after the Evansville Courier & Press reported on July 20 that Daniels attended a $25-a-plate fish-fry fundraiser for a Vincennes state representative in the RV and that some people toured it. A second article quoted a family as having toured the RV.
Neither article said a donation was given specifically to get on the RV.
Thomas found that although the RV might be seen as an extension of the office of the governor – in fact office of the governor is painted on the RV – it is fundamentally a means of transportation.
Several state troopers providing security to Daniels told Thomas they didn’t see anyone other than staff board the RV during the event. An investigator contacted the family quoted by the Evansville paper and they denied getting on the RV.
A statement from Evansville Courier & Press Executive Editor J. Bruce Baumann said, “We stand behind our reporter as she personally observed ordinary citizens entering and leaving RV1, and therefore we stand behind our story.”
Even if the allegations that state property had been used for something other than state business had been found true, the report said state police have a written policy regarding the governor’s security that requires the governor be transported by state police personnel in a state vehicle, regardless of the event.
“That policy applies to all state-owned vehicles and over the years has included cars, SUVs, helicopters, planes and now an RV,” the report said.

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