Indiana’s Elkhart County suffered the largest decrease in weekly average wages in the nation from March 2018 to March 2019, according to a report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Wednesday (Aug. 21).

The Elkhart Truth reported that in that period, average weekly wages in Elkhart County decreased by 7.6%, from just above $1,000 to $930 per week.

Olmsted County, Minn., suffered the nation’s second-worst average wage decrease at 5.1%. The country as a whole saw an increase of 2.8%.

Manufacturing employees in Elkhart County took the brunt of the decline, with a decrease in wages of 12.7% – about $137 per week.

This year’s RV shipments are down about 20% from last year so far, with 2018 being down more than 4% from the year before, which set a record high.

Some in the RV industry, including RVIA Director of Media Relations Kevin Broom, have argued that the downturn is not a result of a decrease in RV sales but rather a reaction to dealers perhaps buying too much in the two previous years.

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