Thanks to a blistering first-half pace, Ford Motor Co. might sell more big pickups in the U.S. this year than it ever has, shattering a 14-year-old record set at the height of the housing boom.

Automotive News reported that the automaker sold more than 450,000 of its F-series line — one every 35 seconds — from January through June. That’s 4.2% more than in the first half of 2004, when it set an annual record of 939,511.

There’s good reason to believe it can keep up the pace: Fifty-two percent of F-series sales typically occur in the second half of a year, when the new model year arrives and languishing inventory gets marked down.

Based on the first-half gain, Ford would sell more than 941,000 of the trucks in 2018, setting a new high-water mark four years into the F-150’s product cycle and in a declining market. It might achieve that milestone despite redesigned models from its chief competitors and a fire at a supplier plant that halted production for more than a week in May.

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