Employees of struggling RV manufacturer Country Coach Inc. fear the Junction City, Ore.-based company is on the verge of a shutdown, but a company spokesman said he has no information that the company is closing.
According to a report by KVAL, four Country Coach employees and a supervisor said they’ve been told to remove their personal property from the premises ahead of a shutdown.
Matt Howard, a Country Coach spokesman, confirmed that employees may have been asked to remove personal property from the plant but said he had no information that the company was shutting down.
“Many managers were encouraged over the last couple days to have employees remove their personal items from the property, due to the uncertainty of Country Coach’s future,” Howard wrote in an e-mail to KVAL News. “It is no secret that Country Coach needs financing to continue, and no such financing has yet been secured. No doubt this communication to pick up their personal items has created this new activity.”
“We may close permanently at any moment in the next 30 days, or we may not,” Howard wrote. “At this point, nothing is certain. Keep in mind that supervisor level positions have been laid off for more than 60 days in most cases, so I am not confident that they would have accurate updated information. Run what you like, but I am not aware of any definite closure plans.”
Last July, Country Coach was one of Lane County’s top 10 employers. The company made a series of layoffs in 2008, reducing its work force from about 1,200 to around 500.