Don’t panic. Rising gas prices are not steadily marching toward the $3 a gallon mark, experts are saying.

But, according to N.J.com, it also doesn’t mean they will slide down below the $2 a gallon mark that drivers have enjoyed in the recent past.

“The bright side is what we saw in the last week isn’t the start of 20 weeks of that,” said Tom Kloza, gasoline expert for the Oil Price Information Service. “We are pointed higher, until the start of baseball.”

Prices will continue to increase from current averages of $2.02 a gallon, heading toward $2.25, he said. Gas Buddy.com shows the cheaper prices ranging in the mid-$1.80 range at unbranded gas stations.

“People think we’re on the way up to $3 a gallon gas, we’re not on the way,” said Kloza who predicted pump prices will hit $2.50 to $2.60 by spring.

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