Heading into election season, Indiana business leaders throughout the state are not upbeat about the coming 12 months. The Indiana Business Council’s most recent study shows the Indiana Business Confidence Index (BCI) has fallen to 58%, the lowest point since the index was established nearly two years ago.

According to a report by Inside INdiana Business, the BCI is a measure of the overall confidence business leaders and employees throughout the state have in their company’s opportunity for growth and success in the coming year. Indiana is the center for the RV industry’s manufacturing sector.

“Indiana business leaders are very concerned about what will happen in the next six to 12 months and that is clearly reflected in the Indiana Business Confidence Index hitting its lowest level ever,” said Gerry Dick, president and founder of Grow INdiana Media Ventures LLC. “This sentiment is also carrying through to employees in their lack of optimism that morale has any hope of improving in the next six months.”

The most recent Indiana Business Council survey focused on job skills. Some of those results include:

• 66% of respondents have been asked to take on additional work without additional compensation.

• 53% believe they have necessary training to effectively do their jobs.

• Loyalty for middle managers dropped from 55% to 41%, and loyalty for supervisors dropped from 45% to 39%.

To receive more information on the study or to apply to participate on the council, visit www.INdianaBusinessCouncil.com.