Employees at Erwin Hymer Group North America say they have been fired, effective immediately. Workers told CTV Kithener that they received their notices this afternoon.

An employee at the location in Kitchener, who did not want to be named, took a video of what they say was them being notified. In it, a man in a suit appears to tell the employees that the company was put into receivership.

“In court this afternoon in Toronto about half an hour ago, the company was placed into receivership, which is a form of insolvency,” the man says. “The effect of that is a court order essentially terminates everyone’s employment effective today.”

In the video he says that wages would be paid through Friday and that they hoped that vacation pay would be paid out within two weeks. He says that the company would idle for six weeks while it tried to find a buyer.

The news comes following an announcement that the North American branch of the company   would not be involved    in the sale of its operations to Thor Industries in the United States.

In January, nearly 100 employees were reportedly laid off. About a week later, the company told employees that   there were no more layoffs   planned in the coming months.

The company had also launched an investigation into what it called financial irregularities.

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