A survey by the U.S. Commerce Department highlights the importance of manufacturing jobs to the Indiana economy.

According to a press release, results indicated jobs in the sector accounted for at least 20% of total earnings in 50 of Indiana’s counties in 2010, which is the most among all states. Elkhart County, home to the RV industry’s manufacturing hub, was included in that listing.

Indiana was followed followed by Ohio (48 counties), Tennessee (42 counties), Wisconsin (40 counties), Georgia (36 counties), Iowa (36 counties) and Kentucky (31 counties).

Nationwide, the manufacturing sector added roughly 500,000 new jobs from the beginning of 2010 through the end of 2012, and contributed more than 25% of the overall growth in gross output between 2009 and 2011. Today’s report finds that nearly all states include some counties where manufacturing accounts for a significant share of jobs and earnings.

“The Geographic Concentration of Manufacturing Across the United States” study uses smaller geographic areas to find where manufacturing matters most to a local economy. It finds that such counties are concentrated in the Midwest and the South, are more likely to be outside metropolitan areas, and are relatively small.

“The report we are releasing today is an important lens to better view the geography underlying manufacturing in America,” said Acting Secretary Rebecca Blank. “Not only is it a key economic sector, but manufacturing jobs often carry higher wages and provide better benefits than non-manufacturing jobs.”

There were 181 counties spread over 27 states where manufacturing jobs made up at least 20% of total employment.