The group representing the U.S. marine industry is speaking out against President Trump’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which some speculate demonstrates the new president’s intention to follow through with his tough stance on trade.

As reported by Soundings Trade Only, the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) said Trump’s withdrawal from the deal will directly harm the industry, particularly American boat manufacturers.

“NMMA is discouraged to see one of President Trump’s first actions be to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership,” NMMA government relations vice president Nicole Vasilaros said in an email to Trade Only.

The NMMA was very supportive of the TPP, calling it “an important agreement that strengthens global trade, pinpointing the Asia Pacific region.”

“Without the TPP, the recreational boating industry and specifically, U.S. boat manufacturers, are at a disadvantage — limiting growth in the international marketplace,” Vasilaros said.

The recreational boating industry benefited from the TPP, which “provided regulatory transparency and measures to ensure cooperation among regulatory bodies, reducing burdensome and duplicative rules,” Vasilaros said.

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