As car companies prepare to pull out of Australia, one motor-related industry has a good news story to tell.

ABC News Australia reported that production of recreational vehicles, whether towed caravans or self-powered motorhomes, is booming.

It is expected when final figures are released they will show Australian manufacturers built about 22,000 RVs in 2014. That is about four times the number the industry built just 20 years ago.

The RV industry differs greatly from the car industry with at least 70% of the RVs sold in Australia made in the country.

Jayco Caravans national sales manager Shane Holloway said RVs built overseas have not always fared well in Australia’s tough conditions.

“Australia has harsh UV [rays], harsh heat extremes, and our roads aren’t all smooth runways so to speak,” Holloway said.

Jayco’s four factories in Dandenong South, outside of Melbourne, produce about 50 RVs a day. The company said in the past 20 years it has seen explosive growth as the popularity of RVs.

“It’s a big part of Australian life,” Holloway said. “Us, Australians, we like to get out and explore.”

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