The 25% tariff the EU announced last week on U.S.-built boats kicks in today, and a 10% tariff on boats sold to Canada will start July 1, prompting boatbuilders to worry they will lose sales to those countries.

A European dealer for Carver Yachts canceled two boat orders, leading the company to scramble to reconfigure the boats for U.S. customers, Carver, Marquis and Larson Boat Group President Rob Parmentier told Soundings Trade Only.

“Nobody wants to be stuck with a boat that’s priced 25% higher than it was two months ago,” Parmentier said.

The dealer won’t order more Carver Yachts while they face a 25% levy, according to Parmentier.

“Everybody realizes tariffs come and go, at some point in time you can’t continue to have a global trade war,” Parmentier said. “The problem is that for us little guys doing business every day, it hurts.”

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