Hurricane evacuees at a Louisiana trailer park said they are fed up with a rash of recent break-ins, and they want to know who is responsible for security for evacuee trailers.
According to a report in The Advocate, Baton Rouge, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), residents and the park’s owners are all blaming each other for the problem.
Lawns are littered with glass at Baton Rouge’s Greenwell Street Trailer Park, and residents said thieves have been robbing homes near the back of the property.
Resident Margaret Jackson said someone broke into her home just a couple of days after her car was vandalized.
Naturally, Jackson is upset, but she said the response she got from her landlord, Larry Sullivan, is the most frustrating part.
In a message left on Jackson’s answering machine, Sullivan said “I have told you before that FEMA is responsible for security. I am no policeman. You call the Sheriff’s Department or whoever you have to call. I will not return your call again.”
Several other residents of the trailer park said they were also victims of crime, and they’re anxious to know who they are supposed to ask for help.
Sullivan said he never had an agreement with FEMA to provide security. He insisted though, that the agency did have guards on duty there for about six weeks in the fall when the trailers were being moved in.
FEMA officials said those guards were supplied by the contractors who delivered and installed the trailers.
“(FEMA) does not provide security at commercial travel trailer or mobile home parks,” the agency said in a statement. “Security is the responsibility of individual park management.”
The agency does provide security at the large Renaissance Village park in Baker, La., but that is because FEMA built that particular site from the ground up. As for Sullivan, he said he has no plans to provide security at his private
park, because it’s too expensive.