Amid backlash from some cost-conscious park residents, a Mesa, Ariz., RV resort is proceeding with plans for a $4 million community center.
According to the Arizona Republic, the Venture Out RV Resort will start work this summer on a 44,000 square-foot upscale center that will include a library, billiards room, ballroom, commercial kitchen, dining room and coffee shop.
Patios and roof decks will add another 33,000 square feet of space for outdoor events and dining.
“I do think it will most definitely be one of the most outstanding centers in the Valley,” said Mary Schmit, Venture Out’s general manager. “It will be an outstanding facility and greatly improve their quality of life.”
She said the existing community center is 32 years old and the building will be gutted to the foundation and framing.
The newspaper reported that some residents, however, are concerned about the price and are also disputing the voting procedure. Nearly 70 percent of those voting – representing 88 percent of the park’s 1,750 lot owners – gave their approval. And almost $3 million of the $4 million special assessment is already collected. The project will cost each lot owners $2,287.
Some, like resident Shirley Willford, are skeptical of the results. “It was neighbor pitted against neighbor, she said. “There’s so much anger in the park.” They question why the Home Owner’s Association destroyed the ballots after the vote and refused to allow independent election observers to watch as votes were tallied.
Schmit said the concern by some residents hopefully will pass once the center opens. “You certainly will not please everyone in a vote such as this, but the end results speak for themselves,” she said.