Dan Keller made his first trip to the  Elkhart County RV Open House on Tuesday (Sept. 17).

The Elkhart Truth reported that the third-generation co-owner of recreational vehicle dealership Indian Valley Camping Center in Souderton, Pa., a far northern suburb of Philadelphia, had heard the hype about the Elkhart show and wanted to witness it first-hand. On Wednesday, Keller said he was pleased with the event and planned to place some orders for next year’s models, as soon as his busy sales representative could find time to sit down with him.

RV Open House Week, now involving all Elkhart-based manufacturers, has evolved from an idea Forest River Inc. CEO Pete Liegl had seven years ago. The idea was allow RV makers to entertain dealers and encourage them to place next year’s orders earlier than the Louisville show. The earlier orders give factories more work during a time of the year that was once so slow it brought widespread layoffs. The manufacturers offer dealers discounts to give them an incentive to take delivery of the units earlier, resulting in them gathering snow on their lots longer.

Keller said those discounts can be worth it.

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