Retro RVs from Ford, Chevy Go to Great Lengths for Attention

What’s old is new again. Both the vanlife movement and maker culture have done a fantastic job of spreading awareness of (and demand for) RVs, according to a posting at

With these specialized forms of transport comes a rejuvenation in the skilled trades that keep those big wheels a-rollin’. Whether it’s plumbing, electrical, woodworking, or interior design, trades that many of us feared would disappear forever have indeed persisted.

RVs are hot once more, but does that mean museum-quality examples of these specialized vehicles can fetch big bucks?

We may have an answer rather soon. We recently came across two such examples from decades past, and both are bound for the auction block: a 1965 GMC custom motorhome headed to Mecum’s Kissimmee sale in mid-January, and a 1974 Ford C-750 cabover with a Camelot trailer that’s currently up for bidding on Bring a Trailer.

Apples-to-oranges comparisons have little weight with actual buyers with actual needs, but if you’re theoretically looking for an RV that puts your average Class A rig to shame, both examples make a compelling argument.

Which company did all-out RV better, and which motorhome will fetch more money when the auctions end?

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