REV Recreation Group, a division of REV Group Inc., recently completed a custom RV for the Milwaukee Fire Department. According to a press release, the Milwaukee Fire Department will use the mobile Survive Alive House to engage children in the greater Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee Fire Department has an education program to teach young people about the dangers of fire and fire safety and he Mobile Survive Alive House will be integral part of this program. “The job of firefighting has evolved over the years, educating children on fire safety has become an important part of our community efforts,” stated Lieutenant Michael Ball, Community Relations Director for the Milwaukee Fire Department, “The Survive Alive House is a key component of how we demonstrate fire safety to children.”

The custom unit includes a variety of fire training devices, including a Lion training dtove that works in tandem with a custom fire extinguisher to demonstrate the proper technique to extinguish a stove fire. The unit also has two bedroom-style classrooms with smoke generators and doors with integrated heatmats to simulate a fire.

“REV Group is committed to the education and safety of the young people throughout the Milwaukee area,” stated Tim Sullivan, CEO of REV Group. “We are also committed to our first responders and we’re pleased to support their goal of zero fire deaths. The Mobile Survive Alive Unit is an extension of that commitment.”

The engineering team at REV Group’s Class A RV division worked directly with the Milwaukee Fire Department to build the custom RV.