There were a number of highlights to report out of the “Key Dealer Event” held this week by REV Recreation Group at its campus in Decatur, Ind., most notably the “passing of the baton” to Bill Reith from Pat Terveer, who is retiring from his position as vice president and general manager of REV’s Class A motorhome division.

After a long career in the RV industry that began with Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. in 1975, Terveer’s last official day in the office is actually today (May 31), although he will remain with REV, a division of Rev Group Inc., Milwaukee, Wis., in an unspecified advisory role through the end of the year.

“We had a dinner Tuesday evening and we had a dinner Wednesday evening, and those gave us an opportunity to meet with them as a group and say a few words and really hand off the baton for the future,” Terveer told RVBUSINESS.com.

The Key Dealer Event also allowed Reith to meet with dealers retailing REV motorhomes under the Monaco, American Coach, Fleetwood and Holiday Rambler brands. While Reith has been working with Terveer for the past 18 months and had already met with many REV dealers, he said the Key Dealer Event was a chance to catch up and share his vision going forward.

“I’m very grateful for the opportunity and to continue the transformation of the business, both from a quality perspective and re-identifying our identity as far as our product portfolio and to continue to work with our dealer body on the relationship side of the business,” Reith said. “We’re very confident in our tradition and our product and in the transformation that we’ve had in the past two years. We just need to continue that forward and carry our legacy forward as well.”

As far as the business of the Key Dealer Event, both said it was a great turnout, with Reith adding that they were “extremely pleased with the feedback that we received universally from all our dealer body on the notable year-over-year improvements — as well as the quality in our products.”

Terveer mentioned that REV had a significant “change our product direction a year ago to get back on the right track, and now this is the second step, the second year.”

“One of one of the largest dealers in the country made the comment ‘From the Fleetwood Flair to the American Dream, you guys don’t need to apologize for anything. Most manufacturers will have one product that looks good, and then maybe another one. But from the Flair to Dream, you guys have nailed it this year.’”

Another highlight from the Key Dealer Event was the introduction of the Freedom Bridge Foundation, which was developed by Fleetwood RV and Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC).

The new Freedom Bridge pairs FCCC’s modular XCM chassis with a newly re-engineered version of Fleetwood’s bridge foundation. Utilizing FCCC’s XCM chassis allows for a more integrated, seamless foundation compared with pre-built basements dropped on rails; the full integration of Freedom Bridge’s design also eliminates any need for anti-camber rails as often found on competitive coaches.

“Freedom Bridge’s foundation combines the unrivaled strength and storage capacity of Fleetwood RV’s exclusive modular design with the high-performance innovation of an FCCC chassis — all backed by the nation’s largest service support network,” said Doug Miller, sales manager for Fleetwood’s Class A Diesel division. “Freedom Bridge pairs performance and peace of mind together, perfectly – and we’re excited to begin bringing it to market right away.”

Freedom Bridge comes equipped with a number of FCCC’s innovative features, including V-Ride rear suspension system, OptiView LED instrument cluster, and the all -new DriveTech steering system with column-mounted controls.

Additional features include:

● I-Beam construction offering a higher torsion rating for exceptional durability without sacrificing comfort

● Re-engineered slide rail placement allowing for additional pass-through storage for increased capacity and easier access

● Double-thick flooring for increased durability and flooring strength and minimized exterior sound

● Dual-side fuel fills to provide access to 100-gallon tank from either side of the RV

● Wedge tank design to ensure thorough drainage of black and grey water tanks

The Freedom Bridge XCM foundation can be found on Fleetwood’s Discovery LXE, Discovery and Pace Arrow LXE models.

“We are honored to partner with Fleetwood on Freedom Bridge and help them continue to set the standard for luxury, power and performance in the industry,” said Jeremy Buckmeier, RV product manager for FCCC. “Freedom Bridge seamlessly blends high-tech components with a stronger, lighter frame for superior strength, capacity and performance – which is why we’ve already seen great interest and excitement among Fleetwood’s dealer partners about this product.”