The RV industry has launched a major redesign of the www.rvtechnician.com website. The new site consolidates and updates information that had previously been available on the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and RV Learning Center sites.

“RVTechnician.com is now the major source of information for technicians who are interested in certification, are looking for continuing education opportunities, or need to get recertified,” said RVDA-RVIA RV Service Technician Certification Governing Board Chairman Marty Shea of Madison RV Center in Huntsville, Ala.

Features of the new site include:

• Easier navigation for technicians and their managers to find the basic information to get started on certification or get recertified.

• Complete information on the RV Technician Career Ladder and a Frequently Asked Question section.

• Information on training opportunities and links to the RV Training Calendar.

• Links to download free copies of the new Certification Study Guides.

• Links to a new Certified RV Technician promotional video, dealer testimonials about the value of certification, and a gateway link to the Certified RV Technicians Facebook page.

“RVIA and RV Learning Center staff worked together to build the site,” said Governing Board Vice Chairman Jeff Rutherford of Carefree of Colorado. “It was a team effort to compile all the information based on RVIA and RVDA’s staff experience with common questions about the program from technicians and service management personnel.”

RVIA provided website design, video production and technical support funds as well as extensive staff support. The RV Learning Center provided the web site licensing fees that allow the site to be built on a state-of-the-art content manager platform and staff support.

The RVDA-RVIA Service Technician Certification Program is designed to assist the RV industry and the public in identifying those professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge and ability to satisfy established standards in RV diagnostic and repair procedures, as adopted by the Governing Board. The program tests and certifies only individuals; not dealerships, companies, or other types of business entities. For more information, visit www.rvtechnician.com.