Class A motorhome manufacturer Rexhall Industries, Inc. announced Friday (July 2) it had applied to the United States Patent & Trademark Office for a design patent for a fiberglass storage cap that fits on the roof of a Hummer H2 manufactured by General Motors.
“As we all know, the Hummer H2 is becoming very popular throughout the United States,” said Bill Rex, Rexhall’s CEO. “Our product called the HUMCAP can hold several sheets of 4-foot x 8-foot plywood or paneling; two-by-fours, gallon sized cans of paint, and many other items that can be purchased from your local discount, hardware or building supplies store.
“Previously in a Hummer you would struggle to fit any of these items inside, or you would have to strap them to the roof,” Rex said. “Also, for the sports enthusiast, skis, snowboards, boots, bicycles, will all fit inside the HUMCAP. The amount of storage added is truly amazing for this vehicle.
“We are also making a set of bumpers, fender skirts, and running boards, all to match, called the NUNEX Body Kit.”
He said the kit was expected to be on the market by this month.
“We do not expect that these products will interfere with our motorhome production,” Rex said. “Our fiberglass plant is running at less than 50% capacity.”
Th Hummer eaccessories “also gives us another avenue for revenues,” Rex said. “We are very optimistic about these products and believe we have the capacity to produce thousands per year if sales warrant. This in no way implies that we are not going full speed ahead in an effort to increase sales of our standard motorhomes and also moving forward with the T-Rex (slideout system for Class A’s).
“Rexhall’s Board of Directors recognizes that Rexhall has had three dismal years in a row, and we are working diligently to try to correct this problem. It seems we have fought just about every battle one could fight. Some of you may have run out of patience with Rexhall, and I can’t say as I blame you, but the Board of Directors and each and every employee has not given up, and we will keep fighting and we will keep trying, and we will keep doing our best. And with that, I thank you for your continuing support.”
Rex added that “there can be no assurance” Rexhall will actually receive patents for the HUMCAP and NUNEX Body Kit, nor that any patent would provide Rexhall with meaningful protection from competition or that such patents would not be challenged, invalidated or circumvented.
He continued that “even if the market for these parts (the HUMCAP and the NUNEX Body Kit) does develop, it may not grow at an adequate pace.”