Rexhall Industries Inc. Chairman and CEO Bill Rex issued a statement this afternoon (May 20) to clear up any confusion that may have existed regarding its products.
“Rexhall continues to sell its standard Aerbus, RexAir, Roseair, Vision and American Clipper (Class A) motorhomes through its dealers, as always. Rexhall will continue to supply all independent dealers and even encourage dealers to buy the new T-Rex wholesale right from the factory (in Lancaster, Calif.).
“Though it seems that some of our dealers have taken a ‘wait-and-see’ approach because of the large size of these slide rooms, be assured that Rexhall has torture-tested the T-Rex motorhome by driving it through a road course at over 80 MPH where it was literally almost tipped over left to right, where the front wheels came off the ground over 2 feet while the slide rooms were out.” He said the company tried “everything in its power” to get a slide room to come out but couldn’t. “Rexhall is under the belief that this is the safest, strongest slide room on the market,” he said.
Meanwhile, Rex said, “We are very excited about the upgrades we’ve done to all of our standard line Aerbus, RexAir, Roseair, Vision and American Clippers. We’ve raised the interior height in almost all models to 7 feet. We have raised the interior height of all slide rooms in almost every model to 6 feet 4 inches, which gives us some of the largest slide rooms in our standard product in the industry, and also gives us some of the largest head heights of any motorhome in the industry.
“We hope that our dealers will recognize the value of these upgrades that have been made to our new 2005 motorhomes that will be coming out June 1,” Rex said.