Rexhall Industries Inc. missed the Wednesday, March 31 deadline for issuing its fourth-quarter earnings report because it changed accounting firms in early March, the motorhome manufacturer reported in a Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) document.
Rexhall’s former accounting firm, Beckman Kirkland & Whitney, resigned effective March 4 because its application with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board “was still pending approval.”
Because the SEC would not allow Beckman Kirkland to audit Rexhall’s financial statements until its application was approved, the firm resigned “to protect Rexhall’s interests,” an official with the company stated.
Rexhall hired Irvine, Calif.-based Cacciamatta Accountancy Corp., effective March 5 but Rexhall informed the SEC that the Cacciamatta could not complete its audit before the end of March without “unreasonable effort or expense.”
For the nine months ended Sept. 30, Rexhall, a Nasdaq Stock Market-traded company, reported a net loss of $542,000 on sales of $33.4 million.