Class A motorhome manufacturer Rexhall Industries Inc. reported record high sales volume during the RV industry’s National Trade Show, which ended in Louisville last Thursday (Nov. 29).

“We more than tripled our previous best year at the show by taking orders for nearly 150 motorhomes,” said Bill Rex, CEO.

Because Rexhall’s unsold factory inventory now is small, 90% of the units ordered by dealers at Louisville have not been built yet, said Mike Bourne, COO.

Improvements to Rexhall’s products, low dealer inventories, low interest rates and fuel prices fed dealer optimism about the market in 2002, which led to Rexhall’s sharp increase in order volume, Rex said.

Rexhall’s cross-promotional program with Harley-Davidson also helped, Rex believes. Dealers ordering Rexhall units at Louisville earned points towards the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle, he said.

Multi-location dealership La Mesa RV also agreed to inventory Rexhall units. Additionally, Rexhall is in the process of selling the inventory of its company-owned dealership in Arizona to La Mesa, which has three locations in California and four in Arizona.

After the inventory is moved, Rexhall will close its dealership in Arizona.

Rexhall decided to temporarily get involved in retailing when its largest Arizona dealer, RV Supercenter, went bankrupt last year, and the company did not want to overload its other dealers with former RV Supercenter inventory.