Rexhall Industries Inc., a small Southern California-based manufacturer of Class A motorhomes, saw its stock reach a new 52-week high of $6.55 a share today (Aug. 6).

Rexhall stock closed 30 cents higher at $6.50 a share, its previous 52-week high.

In reaching a new 52-week high, Rexhall joined larger RV builders Fleetwood, Monaco, National RV, Thor and Winnebago, all of which established new 52-week stock price highs in the last month or so.

Apparently, Wall Street has concluded that the RV market bottomed-out earlier this year and that RV company profits and stock prices have strong upside potential. However, the bigger RV companies’ stock prices have pulled back from their recent 52-week highs in the last few days or weeks.