Rexhall Industries Inc. hopes to break ground in Lancaster, Calif., sometime late in 2002 on a new factory, where it will assemble its own diesel pusher chassis along with a new motorhome series.
“The goal is to have the new approximately 237,000-square-foot plant ready for production by next June,” said Bill Rex, chairman and CEO.
The new factory will be on 14 acres adjacent to Rexhall’s existing plant, and it will be approximately twice the size of the current plant.
The decision by Rexhall to assemble its own motorhome chassis was not due to freight costs or dissatisfaction with diesel pusher chassis suppliers. In fact, Rex said, “We want to keep buying Spartans (Spartan Motors Inc. chassis). It’s a quality chassis and many customers request them. Our goal is to even buy more Spartans and we are also looking at Freightliner (Custom Chassis Corp.) chassis.
“Many customers are already in a Spartan or a Freightliner (equipped motorhome) and we would like to continue with the chassis that they have become accustomed to,” Rex added.
Rexhall’s decision to assemble its own chassis “from the ground up” was based upon “design considerations for the new series of motorhomes,” Rex explained.
“Rexhall has been developing and designing this new diesel pusher chassis for over a year and a half now, along with the new series of motorhomes,” Rex added. “In fact, we are on our third prototype of our new chassis.”
Rexhall builds gas and diesel engine Class A motorhomes under the brand names Rose Air, Rexair, Aerbus, Vision and American Clipper.