Rexhall Industries Inc. will debut a new, patented slideout system later this month that will double the size of a Class A motorhome when parked in a campground, according to Bill Rex, president and CEO of the Lancaster, Calif.-based company.
The T-Rex Doublewide will make its first appearance during the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) International Convention near Buffalo, N.Y., July 18-20, Rex said.
“We have been working on this design and these patents for years and plant to start full-time production of new motorhomes incorporating the design in the next 30 to 60 days,” Rex said. “The current market offers single, double, triple, even quadruple slides, but Rexhall’s new motorhome takes this a step further.
“Without appreciably increasing the size of a standard Class A motorhome while on the road, our new T-Rex Doublewide allows the rV enthusiast, with the mere push of a button, to almost double the size of the coach while parked, without compromising safety, structural integrity or value,” Rex believes.
Rexhall will incorporate the T-Rex Doublewide system into 26- to 40-foot gas and diesel engine Class A’s, Rex said. The system will be marketed under Rexhall’s current brands: RoseAir, RexAir, Aerbus, Vision and american Clipper.
Pricing information for the T-Rex Doublewide system was not immediately available.
Rexhall also will “continue to offer most of our existing coaches,” Rex added.