The new TV ads created by The Richards Group ad agency and shot in September and October in California, Nevada and the Pacific Northwest, evoke an active RV lifestyle.
The ads show the diversity of the types of RV enthusiasts and of RV types, with each displaying more than one variaety of RV.
Richards’ ads, which will appear on network TV first on Feb. 16 during NASCAR’s Daytona 500 stock car race, were previewed at the National RV Trade Show in Louisville last week.
The Dallas-based agency was hired earlier this year by the Go RVing Coalition, which includes RV manufacturers, dealers, campground operators and other RV industry constituencies.
In one ad, a group of young people who have just finished biking in the desert, play a version of the spin the bottle using silverware and a ketchup bottle to decide where they are going next. As they head off to their next adventure in a Class C motorhome, actor Tom Selleck intones, “The freedom and the flexibility to pursue your passions. Go RVing.”
In another, a father is telling a ghost story to his kids at night while the family is sitting around a blazing campfire outside of a folding camping trailer. “The magic of nighttime works better out here,” Selleck says. “Pursue your passions. Go RVing.”
As part of a more aggressive call-for-the-order approach, each ad ends with, the tag line, “Call for a free video and visit an RV dealer” as the Go RVing toll-free number appears on the screen.
Meanwhile, the campaign’s print ads will contain a collage of photographs related to RVs and outdoor recreation, instead of a single image, and include interior shots of RVs, which were absent in earlier advertising.
A facing-page column that will accompany each full-page print ad will contain silhouettes and profile the different types of RVs, ranging from folding camping trailers to Class A motorhomes.
“The campaign has never had any meaningful interior shots nor provided the glossary of RVs,” said Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president of public relations and marketing.
Also, print ad copy is more direct in attempting to drive potential customers into the dealership. One showing a father and son on a fishing trip in a folding camping trailer suggests: “Before Monday returns, go camping. Before your next deadline, go mountain biking. Before another excuse gets in the way, go do something you really enjoy. Go RVing.”
Another print ad that portrays a young family and a senior couple in fifth-wheel trailers in the mountains says: “Sometimes it’s a mountain. Sometimes it’s a forest. Sometimes it’s a feeling that something incredible is just around the bend. It happens when you Go RVing.”