Michael S. Riley, chairman of dealership chain Holiday RV Superstores Inc., was named chairman of a California lending company, effective Wednesday (Aug. 1).

Riley continues as chairman of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Holiday RV Superstores, which does business as Recreation USA.

Riley led an investor group that acquired Holiday RV Superstores in 1999.

Meanwhile, Riley now also is chairman of Imperial Credit Industries Inc., a Torrance, Calif.-based firm that has Southern Pacific Bank as its principal subsidiary.

Riley’s appointment coincided with the resignation of Imperial Credit’s former chairman, president and CEO.

Additionally, Michael R. McGuire, formerly president and CEO of Affinity Bank of Ventura, Calif., was named president and CEO of Imperial Credit, also effective Wednesday.

Before buying control of Holiday RV Superstores, Riley practiced law for more than 20 years in the areas of banking, corporate finance and international law as a principal of the Fort Lauderdale firm of Young and Riley LLP. He also managed the Fort Lauderdale practice for regional law firm Adorno & Zeder and has served as Assistant State Attorney General in Florida and as special counsel to federal and state law enforcement agencies.