RiverPark Inc., Elkhart, Ind., has been named distributor of Eaton Corp.’s VORAD – vehicle on-board radio – series of products to the motorhome industry.
RiverPark will work directly with RV manufacturers, including providing design and vehicle integration assistance, order management and technical service, to bring VORAD collision warning technology to the RV industry.
The VORAD products, AlwaysAlert, BlindSpotter and SmartCruise, emit low-power, high-frequency radar signals from the front and side of an RV. When the radar detects a potential hazard, a dash-mounted display advises the driver if evasive action is required to avoid an obstacle or vehicle before an accident happens.
AlwaysAlert detects slow-moving vehicles and vehicles that have suddenly stopped, even when it is raining, snowing or foggy.
BlindSpotter looks for vehicles in the adjacent lane and if one is detected, it will flash a light on the display near the side view mirror. And when using the turn signal to change lanes, BlindSpotter will sound a tone if there is a vehicle in the blind spot.
SmartCruise is adaptable to diesel-engine motorhomes and it maintains a pre-set speed, but, by regulating the fuel flow to the engine, it maintains a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Like a standard cruise control, it can be overridden at anytime by depressing the brake or throttle.
Eaton first introduced VORAD technology to the trucking industry about 10 years ago, according to RiverPark.