Riverside RV Inc. recently began production on its newest line of retro travel trailers. According to a press release, the new Intrepid travel trailer is a lightweight, laminated travel trailer designed for the half-ton buyer, and features contemporary interiors along with an upgraded exterior.

“We feel that the Intrepid brand will be Riverside’s greatest effort, to appeal to a wider customer base, and is unlike anything that we have done in the past”, said General Manager Mervin Lehman. “The Intrepid will feature the same standards of quality that our dealer partners have grown accustomed to with the Retro brand of trailers, but not be limited to that particular niche” segment of the industry. Riverside has long been known for our focus on the quality of build, and that has been on display for many years with the Retro brand. We will not be shifting that focus when building the Intrepid.”

Intrepid will offer eight initial floorplans that offer a variety of upscale features to go along with a brighter, more contemporary, interior design.

“We wanted to offer a different look, and more importantly, a different feel for the customer when you walk through the door. The look of the exterior will draw the consumer to the Intrepid, but the feeling they get when they walk through the door will sell this unit,” stated product specialist Bobby Fish. “With the production team Riverside has, who have always specialized in quality, paired with the looks and functionality of the Intrepid, we really feel that we have a winning product.”

The Intrepid will feature vacuum laminated sidewalls, an aerodynamic molded fiberglass front cap, heated and enclosed underbelly, tongue-and-groove plywood floor decking, an upgraded PVC roof membrane, and floorplan-specific outside kitchens or outside entertainment centers.

“We feel that this will be a game-changer for Riverside”, said Lehman, “I believe that dealers will truly like what we have put forward with this product.”