RMS Hospitality Solutions announced the launch of its “Upgrader” website tool allowing campgrounds and RV parks upgrade guests to premium sites such as lakefront, poolside and preferred-view lots, or cabins, chalets, yurts, and tiny homes.

The “Upgrader is “helping operators of outdoor hospitality venues fill sites and structures that typically remain empty and free up less-expensive options that are easier to sell online to maximize occupancy and revenues,” according to an announcement from the company.

To help solicit bookings, a new Email Marketing Suite (EMS) module from RMS will enable park marketers to create, send and track custom e-mail marketing campaigns. The new EMS is designed to gauge the effectiveness of past campaigns and create e-blasts as needed.

Both the Upgrader and Email Marketing Manager reside within RMS – The Hospitality Cloud, a platform of web-based modules for property management, point of sale, online booking, marketing, reporting, analytics and more.

“Our customers were looking for a way to increase revenues, so they asked if we would add a feature that will prompt staff to offer upgrades to guests upon arrival, and prompt guests prior to check in to take advantage of last-minute opportunities,” said Todd Sabo, RMS North America president and general manager.

“The RMS Upgrader is designed to turn any staff member into a sales champion,” Sabo continued. “For example, on the day of arrival, campground or RV resort park staff may be prompted to offer a premium site at 50% off rather than allowing it to remain vacant. This feature will fill premium lots or structural accommodations first at a price-break incentive rather than giving the spaces away for free, based on pre-defined criteria.”

Sabo noted that the Email Marketing Manager can design custom campaigns to entice guests to book online for next year or drive them to the property’s website to fill out a form or see an event.

For more information contact RMS North America at 858-427-1200 – Option 2, or e-mail [email protected].