Road & Home has debuted a collection of repair and replacement parts for recreational vehicles and mobile homes.

According to a press release, the new line of do-it-yourself, aftermarket accessories includes key items for plumbing, electrical, and hardware repairs that have been designed with these unique living spaces in mind.

In the past, RV and mobile homeowners had to shop for parts from many different retailers, often making modifications on parts designed for traditional homes, the release stated. This new Road & Home line includes quality items such as electrical hookups, waste removal accessories and plumbing replacement fixtures.

“We understand that RV or mobile home owners expect the comfort of a traditional home, however the specifications for parts are certainly different,” said Andrew Gross, category director for Road & Home. “With the new Road & Home line of products, we’ve taken the time to identify the specific needs of these unique living spaces and developed a selection of products tailored to fit their needs. We are also excited to interact with this active, growing community and will work to become the go-to brand for all repair and replacement needs.”

In addition to the launch of the brand and the comprehensive product line, Road & Home has also kicked off a “Ready for the Road” campaign that features an easy-to-download checklist to help recreational vehicle owners identify important repair and replacement items to have on hand when they head out on their adventures.

“With repeated use, parts in RVs can break down and become unusable. This checklist identifies parts that are essential to have ‘on hand’ to ensure a comfortable RVing experience,” noted Gross. “It is important to have extra parts on hand since without them RV owners cannot enjoy the comforts of their home on wheels.”

The “Ready for the Road” checklist is available for review and download at www.roadandhome.com. Visitors to the site will also find a complete overview of all the products in the line with part specifications and quick links for ‘where to buy’.

Products in the line retail from $1.49 to $64.99 and are available at Lowes.com, as well as select Lowe’s and Menards stores across the country. The entire line is also available on Amazon.com.