Roadmaster’s Comfort Ride shock absorbers and leaf springs improve the ride when towing RVs by cutting down on road energy transmission in the trailer and up front in the tow vehicle.

The complete system consists of two main components.

• Shock absorbers — A patented, adjustable mounting bracket allows the shocks to be mounted vertically, where they have the leverage to limit up-and-down motion on both compression and rebound. Comfort Ride shock absorbers are angled 15 degrees to the outside to provide sway control. The trailer’s weight stays centered over the tires, which helps control sway by limiting lateral suspension travel and side-to-side rocking. Comfort Ride shock absorbers fit tandem axle trailers and fifth-wheels, and are available for 2-3/8-, 3-, and 3 1/2-inch axle diameters. MSRP is $550.

•   Slipper leaf springs — A central hanger isolates each axle, so the two springs are no longer connected, and the spring ends ride on rollers. Each spring is free to absorb and dissipate energy, in effect creating an independent axle system for superior ride and handling. Comfort Ride slipper leaf springs fit tandem axle trailers and fifth wheels and kits are available for various axle ratings up to 8,000 pounds. MSRP is $975.

Shock absorber kits can be purchased and installed separately, but in conjunction with the slipper leaf springs, will significantly reduce common towing problems, including:

• Chucking — the truck rocks forward and aft when the trailer goes over uneven pavement (dips, frost heaves and the bridge expansion joints.

•   Axle roll-up — during braking, the trailer’s rear tires are lifted enough to cause a loss in traction.

•   Suspension rebound — when one tire goes over an obstacle, the trailer tips sideways. After the tire clears the obstacle, the leaf springs and the trailer rebound like a pogo stick.

Comfort Ride suspension products are available through NTP-STAG and Meyer Distributing.