Roadmaster announced the launch of FitMaster, a new web-based, interactive sales tool.

“FitMaster is a visual representation of all the towing components for any vehicle, in one
easy-to-print form along with the part numbers,” said Keri Sprenger, Roadmaster’s project lead
for FitMaster, in a press release. “FitMaster also has vehicle-specific installation information like the color of the brake switch wire, whether fuses have to be pulled for towing and which lighting kits can be used.”

Service managers and installers will see an immediate benefit, the release stated.

“Nobody wants to tell a customer they have to wait an extra two or three days because a part
they didn’t know about has to be drop shipped in,” said David Robinson, Roadmaster’s director
of marketing. “FitMaster eliminates that conversation. With FitMaster, you have a comprehensive list of what your customer needs to tow, right from the get-go.

To access FitMaster click on the “Vehicle-Specfic Info” tab at www.roadmasterinc.com.