Roadmaster Quiet Hitch

Roadmaster has introduced a larger Quiet Hitch product, designed to fit the 2 1/2-inch hitch receivers which now come standard with many GMC, Chevrolet and Ford trucks, as well as other full-size, long wheel-base trucks, vans and SUVs.

According to a press release, Quiet Hitch eliminates the irritating rattle that vibrates through the frame when driving over a pot hole, speed bump or railroad tracks. It also curbs sway and wander by eliminating any free play between the ball mount and whatever is inserted for a solid, seamless connection.

In addition, consistent pressure keeps the towing combination tracking straight through crosswinds, curves and sudden maneuvers — all with considerably less effort for the driver. Quiet Hitch also helps reduce tire wear, as well as wear and tear on the hitch and the receiver, by limiting free play.

Roadmaster said that the Quiet Hitch bolts on in seconds and is especially effective on towing combinations with multiple hitch extensions.