Granite Transformations countertop in Roadtrek Class B motorhome.

Granite Transformations countertop in Roadtrek Class B motorhome.

Roadtrek Motorhomes Inc., the No. 1 manufacturer of Class B motorhomes in the United States since 1990, recently switched to Granite Transformations engineered surfaces for use as kitchen countertops in its fuel-efficient recreational vehicles, according to a news release.

Combining lightweight durability with the beauty of natural stone, these countertops add style while reducing gas-mileage-robbing weight.

Granite Transformations’ engineered surfaces have the look and feel of natural stone while outperforming traditional granite surface material. These man-made surfaces are composed of various combinations of natural stone, quartz and recycled glass combined with space age polymers that are molded, cut and polished into 4-foot-by-10-foot solid sheets.

“One of the big selling points of Roadtrek’s motorhomes is the luxury and style of a big RV in a smaller, easier to drive, fuel efficient size,” says David Irving, Granite Transformations Canadian franchise owner. “Granite Transformations’ engineered surfaces are perfect for this application because it looks just like granite, but offers a significant weight savings when compared to natural stone. And you don’t need to be an engineer to know that reducing weight means better gas mileage.”

The flexibility and ease with which this material can be formed and cut make it perfect for the demanding installations presented by a space-efficient mobile kitchen. Scratch, heat and stain resistance combined with a surface that never needs sealing make it perfect for a carefree life on the road. Roadtrek feels that Granite Transformations’countertops are one of the features that help make its motorhomes unique giving them an edge over the competition

“We have found that people are just beginning to realize how versatile this material is,” added Irving. “Its unique properties have allowed us to begin finding uses for it in situations where granite may have been too heavy or brittle. RVs, boats, planes, trains and automobiles – Granite Transformations means you are only limited by your imagination.”

About the Company

With U.S. offices based in Miramar, Fla., Granite Transformations, a division of Trend USA, has facilities and showrooms around the world offering new and exciting alternatives to traditional countertops, backsplashes, floors and more. The first Granite Transformations franchise opened in 1996 in Perth, Australia. Consumer response to the revolutionary resurfacing process was overwhelming, resulting in growth across Australia and New Zealand. With the first U.S. offices opening in 2001, Granite Transformations now has nearly 100 showrooms across the United States with more showrooms opening every year. In 2004, the company began UK operations and is now also growing throughout Europe. In addition to easy installation and beautiful surfaces, the company also offers its customers the convenience of quality cabinet refacing.

For more information about Granite Transformations products please visit the website at www.granitetransformations.com.