Roadtrek Class B motorhomes, manufactured by Ontario, Canada builder Home & Park Motorhomes, continue to outsell competitors in the niche market as the company is currently on track to top 1,400 units this year, according to Chairman Jeff Hanemaayer.
The Montreal Gazette reported that Roadtrek has maintained its No. 1 position in the North American Class B market since 1990.
“To maintain our No. 1 position, we need to offer the best combination of design, quality, price and service,” Hanemaayer said. “That’s also how we achieved strong export sales.”
Hanemaayer said 85% of Roadtrek motorhomes are sold outside Canada, the bulk of those vehicles going to the U.S. A small percentage is shipped to Japan and the remaining 15% are sold in Canada.
“The size of the vehicle is part of the appeal in Japan,” Hanemaayer said, noting that roads and streets there are narrow.
Roadtrek’s coaches are built on Chevrolet and Dodge Sprinter van chassis, which results in a vehicle considerably smaller than a Class A or Class C motorhome.
“We are on course for record unit sales this year and definitely record dollar sales on the strength of the U.S. market,” Hanemaayer said.
Canadian competitors include Pleasureway in Saskatoon and two Manitoba firms – Great West Van and Leisure Travel Vans.
“Our strongest competition currently comes from other Canadian manufacturers,” Hanemaayer said.
So far, more than 90% of buyers are over 50 years of age, Hanemaayer said, but “we are seeing more families with two children” coming into the market.
Roadtrek orders cargo vans from General Motors and DaimlerChrysler. When the vehicles are to be converted into a motorhome, they’re taken into the factory to begin the process.
Hanemaayer said squeezing all the features of a motorhome into a cargo van requires careful design and planning. For example, to take advantage of the space, water tanks have to be built in odd shapes.
The price of Class B motorhomes can be similar to or even exceed the cost of a Class C or a lower-end Class A.
“What you’re paying for (in a Class B) is getting all those features in a van,” said Hanemaayer. “It’s more expensive to build watches than clocks.”
Base prices in the Roadtrek lineup range from $75,225 to $94,625.