France-based Rapido Group, which recently acquired Roadtrek in Cambridge, Ontario, reported that that roughly 100-130 could be hired to start when the company reopens.

According to CTV News, roughly 800 employees were affected by layoffs when Erwin Hymer Group North America, the company that owned Roadtrek, declared receivership.

“We’re really looking forward to putting together an organization that can build back into what the Roadtrek brand looked like,” said Joan Fisk, CEO of United Way which opened an Erwin Hymer Employment Action Centre following the initial layoffs.

Steven O’Neill and his mother Heather both worked for Roadtrek and have already submitted their applications.

“They would have knowledgeable people who know what’s going on and people who are willing and ready to go back to work as soon as possible,” he said.

One former Roadtrek employee says they’re still upset, have moved onto other companies, and doesn’t think it’s right to reapply after putting in five years of work at the manufacturer.

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