Robert Sage Careers LLC (RSC) recently introduced a recreational vehicle industry job board, which, according to a press release, has already generated 350 RV-specific candidates. To view the job board visit www.rvjobs.net

“Big job boards like Monster, Career Builder and Indeed help many industries and candidates, however, it is unlikely that searching for RV industry personnel on those boards would prove successful,” said Bill Sage. “In addition, employers also pay high advertising prices in regional newspapers.  As a result, a decision was made to create a ‘Hybrid Job Board’ that was specific to the RV industry.”

Details include: 

• The job board is exclusive to the RV industry, ensuring that listings are limited to qualified applicants for specific positions.

• Employment levels start at production level workers up through supervisors including positions in quality control, purchasing, sales, management and executive management. 

• The board has five specific product categories that all job disciplines fall under, including motorized, towable, motorized utility, towable utility and retail. There are a total of 75 job disciplines within the board so employers can easily search for specific candidates.    

• Candidates can upload their complete name, work history/resume to encourage direct contact from interested employers.

• To protect employed candidates, applicants can also upload their backgrounds incognito which is accomplished through a third-party e-mail system controlled by RSC. The process is as follows:  1) The employer expresses an interest in the searched for and selected candidate via a “Contact Candidate” button and requests a return call/e-mail. 2) RSC intercepts the communication and forwards it to candidate in confidence. 3) The candidate approves or disapproves the employer. If approved, candidate is introduced to employer. If disapproved, RSC informs employer the candidate doesn’t wish to proceed.  

The cost to employers is $495 which allows access the entire candidate database for 12 months. It includes five free online employment ads and additional ads can be purchased for $100 each.  Employees can post their backgrounds on the site for free.