Rollin On TV“Rollin’ On TV” announced the addition of several new stations to its lineup in California, Las Vegas and Nevada.

According to a press release, starting Sept. 26 COX Media, through it’s COX Cable system, will be rebranding its cable channels under the name of YurView TV. Some stations cover specific cities and areas while others cover entire states.

Most the programs will be nationally produced or syndicated with a few being local programs. Each station will also carry sports programming including major league sports, college games and local sports.

Along with the cable coverage, these stations are also available on the Dish and Direct TV networks.

The following stations will begin airing “Rollin’ On TV” on Sept. 26.

  • Las Vegas, Nev., and surrounding area, COX TV Channel 96.
  • Santa Barbara, Calif., COX TV Channel 8.
  • Orange County, Calif., COX TV Channel 3.
  • San Diego and San Diego County, COX TV Channel 4.
  • Arizona (entire state), COX TV Channel 7,

The air dates and times will be posted on the “Rollin On TV” website in the RV schedule section prior to the Sept. 26. The actual airtime will be the same on each station and state regardless of the time zone.

For additional information on Rollin’ On TV, visit www.rollinontv.com or e-mail  [email protected]