The Go RVing Coalition’s Committee on Excellence decided Tuesday (Sept. 26) to recommend the hiring of the Roper Starch Worldwide market research firm to conduct a follow-up survey of RV owners next year.

The hiring of Roper Starch needs to be approved by the boards of Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) and the Recreation Industry Association (RVIA).

If approved by the associations, Roper Starch would begin circulating questionnaires in January and it intends to have its report completed in time for the RVIA’s Committee Week next June, said Jim Sheldon, chairman of the committee on excellence and assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp.

Roper Starch, Harrison, N.Y., would replace J.D. Power & Associates, Agoura Hills, Calif., which conducted a consumer satisfaction survey for the committee on excellence during 1999.

However, the committee fired J.D. Power over a perceived conflict of interest.

Because J.D. Power will not conduct the survey, Fleetwood Enterprises Inc., Riverside, Calif., will be willing to provide data to the Roper firm, said Tom Faludy, coalition chairman and president of Carefree of Colorado Inc.

The Roper firm will be paid approximately the same amount that J.D. Power would have been paid, Sheldon said. The amount was not revealed.